HYPERKOZMO combines the mechanics of billiards / bocce / whatever with the gameplay of a twin stick shooter. It was made in 30 days for the Something Awful GameDev Challenge 2015.

Desktop Version

This game is way better if you download the executable and play it fullscreen. You can download a Flash projector version here: hyperkozmo.zip (12mb).

Get the Soundtrack

You may have noticed that this game is free! If you enjoy HYPERKOZMO and wish to donate money, consider grabbing the soundtrack on Bandcamp here.

Gameplay Basics & Tips for new players

Dodge enemy bullets, aim, and ram into enemies with a boost. Try to knock enemies into other enemies to cause big chain reacitons!

If you kill more than one enemy with a single hit, it will increase your combo meter. You will constantly lose health if you have no combo active, so focus on combos!

You are completely invincible while boosting. Rather than dodging clouds of bullets, try boosting through them.

You are vulnerable the instant your boost ends, so don't boost in ways that land you in dangerous spots.

Known Issues & Considerations

On some Mac browsers, going fullscreen in Flash completely deactivates most keyboard input, so the WASD keys may not work. If this happens to you, use the arrow keys or exit fullscreen.

If you have colorblindness and find some of the color palettes in the game unusable, press the P button to cycle through palettes until you find one that works for you.