Automatically one of the best local multiplayer typing games of all time.”

— Dan Vecchitto, creator, “Icarus Proudbottom's Typing Party”

What is it?

Icarus Proudbottom's Typing Party is a local-multiplayer typing game for 1 to 8 players.

That sounds stupid!

Hey, shut up!!

How do you set it up?

Just plug any two keyboards into one computer! Don't want to buy a second keyboard? Have a friend bring one over!

It's Multiplayer Only?

The game is primarily multiplayer, but you can also play against the computer! In single-player mode, you can practice individual minigames or have a full “Typing Party” against the CPU. With ten difficulty levels, the CPU will pose a challenge for anyone, regardless of skill level!

If you play single-player, you do NOT need a second keyboard!


Minimum Requirements

PC with Windows XP or higher, i5, 4gb of RAM, Intel Integrated Graphics. Your computer should run this just fine unless it's 5+ years old or a very low-powered laptop.

Possibility of an OSX version in the future depending on demand.

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